So it began…

After paying the fee to join xbt360 I started doubting myself. What if this is something else for me to fail at? What if people didn’t support me? What if? I spoke to Carl, the guru, and he assured me that I will be able to do this and that I will get loads of support online.

So I went for it!  Head first, into the deep end and I didn’t drown. I met amazing people within the 1st day. Inspiring, amazing people!


Week 1 was hard, but it would be if you were a potato, chips, bread loving girl. It didn’t get easier, I got stronger. People having junk food around me didn’t bother me!

3 weeks went by super fast and what the heck, I lost 9cm from my waist. I was in shock! Nothing has ever made me drop cm’s. I didn’t workout as much as I wanted to, but I learnt that eating real food is just as important.

No, it’s not complicated! No, it’s not unhealthy! No, I am not deprived or hungry! Yes, I do have more energy! Yes, I am feeling better! Yes, my sinus issues got better! The list goes on.


Yes, I know failure and I know what giving up feels like, but fuck that I want to know what happens if I don’t give up!


Eating, praying, loving and getting fit

If you are anything like me you will have excuses. Excuses for why not to eat real food, why not to exercise,  why not to love and why not to pray. I am on a journey to do these things better, not perfect just better.


The journey started quite suddenly! I belong to the Sleek Geek and Sleek Girls community and they were talking about xbt360 body transformation. I was a bit nuuskierig, so I did some research and decided lets try this. Nothing else worked!

So the journey began…