Gone, but never forgotten…

I have been quiet for some time. The pass month has been rough…

Today, one month ago, a family member was taken away from us. He is now in heaven, free from pain and playing with the dogs I imagine. A little about this man I called Oom Johan: He was a dog lover of note, so much that he worked in the SAPS dog unit. I can’t ever remember him saying anything mean, nasty or sarcastic to or about anyone. If you needed to know how to drive to some small little town, he was your man. That paired with endless amounts of coffee and jokes. He could make you believe anything, if you were naive enough. Camping and Tierlaagte (the family farm) was his big love. Neither of these will ever be the same again. 


Less than 3 days later, another family member left for heaven. This time, my dad’s twin brother. Oom Edgar could do anything with his hands! Working with wood was his favourite pass time. Smoking and drinking coffee is how I remember him, with a joke or advice if you needed it. He had some rough times in his life, but he came through them time and time again. 

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I do believe that the two brothers are sipping a cup of coffee, eating some cake and watching down on us. 

Maybe my oupa is with them…