Time to kill it…

Season 4 of xbt360 came and went. I did not achieve any of my goals, but I started working towards them.

Season 5 will be killed… my me and the rest of the beauties and beasts. 


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I have had some interesting conversations with my 360 family. The one that hit me between the eyes were the one where I confessed that loving myself more is leading to wanting to look pretty. No one judged me and everyone encouraged me to go out and be more girly. I love make-up and having my nails done, I love spending time having my hair done and I would rather hang out at a make-up counter. I admit, this might sound strange to some people. 

Season 4 taught me that I can love myself, even if I don’t achieve goals. It is the small things that matter. The scale only showed a 2kg loss and the measuring tape showed a 60cm loss. I have gained so much more than just health benefits! I have the confidence now to wear my shorts when summer comes around, hopefully soon. I feel healthier and I can climb 11 flights of stairs up and down without feeling like I might die. 

Season 5, you have been warned!