Almost 30…

I am 29!  Shock, horror and a major WTF moment. Where did the time go?

Have I achieved everything I wanted to? Uhm, no! And I am not all that concerned.

Reflecting on the last year I have learnt that I am ok just the way I am. No need to change and no need to be someone I am not. I have tried to change but I always end up being me 🙂

There are a few things I would like to do before my 30th birthday, so here are just a few:

1. Learn to crochet

2. Climb Table Mountain

3. Roadtrip with girlfriends and drink as much wine as possible 🙂

4. Run a half marathon. Time doesn’t bother me, as long as I finish it

5. Forgiving (Grudges ages you)

6. Learn how to apply eyeliner, correctly. Seriously I struggle with this

7. Find the perfect red lipstick

8. Accept that not all people will like me and this is fine. I don’t like everyone so I can’t expect them all to like me

I spend my birthday with 2 good friends, eating butter chicken, laughing and chatting the night away.

All in all I am quite happy with the cupcakes I ate and all the laughs that we had 🙂


Time to kill it…

Season 4 of xbt360 came and went. I did not achieve any of my goals, but I started working towards them.

Season 5 will be killed… my me and the rest of the beauties and beasts. 


images (4)

I have had some interesting conversations with my 360 family. The one that hit me between the eyes were the one where I confessed that loving myself more is leading to wanting to look pretty. No one judged me and everyone encouraged me to go out and be more girly. I love make-up and having my nails done, I love spending time having my hair done and I would rather hang out at a make-up counter. I admit, this might sound strange to some people. 

Season 4 taught me that I can love myself, even if I don’t achieve goals. It is the small things that matter. The scale only showed a 2kg loss and the measuring tape showed a 60cm loss. I have gained so much more than just health benefits! I have the confidence now to wear my shorts when summer comes around, hopefully soon. I feel healthier and I can climb 11 flights of stairs up and down without feeling like I might die. 

Season 5, you have been warned!





Gone, but never forgotten…

I have been quiet for some time. The pass month has been rough…

Today, one month ago, a family member was taken away from us. He is now in heaven, free from pain and playing with the dogs I imagine. A little about this man I called Oom Johan: He was a dog lover of note, so much that he worked in the SAPS dog unit. I can’t ever remember him saying anything mean, nasty or sarcastic to or about anyone. If you needed to know how to drive to some small little town, he was your man. That paired with endless amounts of coffee and jokes. He could make you believe anything, if you were naive enough. Camping and Tierlaagte (the family farm) was his big love. Neither of these will ever be the same again. 


Less than 3 days later, another family member left for heaven. This time, my dad’s twin brother. Oom Edgar could do anything with his hands! Working with wood was his favourite pass time. Smoking and drinking coffee is how I remember him, with a joke or advice if you needed it. He had some rough times in his life, but he came through them time and time again. 

images (1)

I do believe that the two brothers are sipping a cup of coffee, eating some cake and watching down on us. 

Maybe my oupa is with them…






Really? Just talking bout exercise doesn’t work?

Today is the day I really start with the training part of my journey. I got myself a trainer and everything! Most people believe that you have to train extremely hard to get results. Nah! Eating clean is 80% of the battle. Abs are made in the kitchen people!

This is a whole new journey. I usually can’t stick to training for more than a week, but this time I will try and do it for 3 months. If I can still use my arms I will keep everyone updated on how it is going and if anything is changing. Maybe those feel good hormones will get addictive…

So it began…

After paying the fee to join xbt360 I started doubting myself. What if this is something else for me to fail at? What if people didn’t support me? What if? I spoke to Carl, the guru, and he assured me that I will be able to do this and that I will get loads of support online.

So I went for it!  Head first, into the deep end and I didn’t drown. I met amazing people within the 1st day. Inspiring, amazing people!


Week 1 was hard, but it would be if you were a potato, chips, bread loving girl. It didn’t get easier, I got stronger. People having junk food around me didn’t bother me!

3 weeks went by super fast and what the heck, I lost 9cm from my waist. I was in shock! Nothing has ever made me drop cm’s. I didn’t workout as much as I wanted to, but I learnt that eating real food is just as important.

No, it’s not complicated! No, it’s not unhealthy! No, I am not deprived or hungry! Yes, I do have more energy! Yes, I am feeling better! Yes, my sinus issues got better! The list goes on.


Yes, I know failure and I know what giving up feels like, but fuck that I want to know what happens if I don’t give up!

Eating, praying, loving and getting fit

If you are anything like me you will have excuses. Excuses for why not to eat real food, why not to exercise,  why not to love and why not to pray. I am on a journey to do these things better, not perfect just better.


The journey started quite suddenly! I belong to the Sleek Geek and Sleek Girls community and they were talking about xbt360 body transformation. I was a bit nuuskierig, so I did some research and decided lets try this. Nothing else worked!

So the journey began…